Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical logo

*Spoiler alert* – I love tropical popical. From the David Gandy bathroom, to the flamingo wallpaper, gold lame cushions, and lilt in coconut cups……….the list could go on.

So I know they set out to bring Ireland’s manicure scene in line with the states – where it doesn’t cost the earth, take forever and you need to book an appointment a week in advance and they have succeeded (though sometimes it can be tricky to get an appointment but hey we forgive them!).

But they have done so much more than that, they have created a cool brand, funky décor, amazing nail art and a great price list! I kind of want to work there even I hate doing my own nails let alone anyone else’s.

Safe to say I’m a regular there but for those who aren’t see an overview of what you can expect, and a review of my recent visit for a mini mani:

In and out – very quick though I didn’t feel that they were skipping anything or rushing us. Afterwards my friend and I sat in reception for ages waiting for our nails to try but mainly just catching up – and they happily let us hang out.

Staff and service – I find the staff really nice and friendly, and all have very funky nails.

I was offered a lilt – which I didn’t take (avoiding sugar lest it spark of a major sugar binge) but love that they serve it in amazing cute little coconut cups with straws and umbrellas. (I’m a sucker for any kind of gimmick and this one is charming)

Tropical Popical interior

Polish choice – A good selection of colours – lots of my faves OPI, essie and china glaze but also some other random brands.

Nail Art – I follow their facebook page and I love their nail art looks but was a little worried that maybe there is only one amazing nail art person and all the others are just rubbish. I feel like I have had so many bad French Manicures over the years with people that can barely draw a straight line so my expectations were low, the girl was amazing.

Overall verdict:

A few days in and a few small chips, but to the casual observer they still look good. (I’m a bit of a perfectionist) I can’t decide whether this is because my hands went through a lot after – cooking, washing dishes and typing – or whether it’s the polish – I choose white and it wasn’t a brand I recognised.

Overall the experience, service, finish, price and too cute nail art were absolutely worth it.

With a polish change from €7 you really can’t go wrong, I had gotten a Mini Mani – €15 with two Nail Arts – €3 per nail – €21 in total.

The full price list is on their website and I highly recommend it

Nail TP 2

Mini mani in white with an accent nail art of red hearts!

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