The Brow Artist

[Ok I’ve been going to The Brow Artist for over two years now and up until they updated their booking system recently this review would have been a long rant on how annoying and frustrating it was to make a booking with them. ‘If it annoyed you so much, then why did you keep going there?’ – I hear you ask, well, the answer is that they generally do a great job. Now that I have got that off my chest – onto my review!]

The Brow Artist was set up by sisters Lorna and Liz who while working as make up artists were often reshaping peoples brows as part of the process and it grew from there. From the start they seemed to take a different approach to brows – talking to people first, like a hair consultation when getting a cut, rather than just going for it. There was a lot of buzz when they first opened and I waited three months for my first appointment.

So was it worth it? Yes it was, and if you haven’t gone there before I would recommend a visit even once – just to see the difference in the experience and in your brows.

I generally like places that are specialised to just waxing or brows or make up – it makes me feel like they know what they’re doing because they are doing it all day and not just once a week. While they are now expanding to other services, they are very much brow experts and in addition to the usual shape and tint – offer permanent prows as well with tattooing.

When you go in they will do a short consultation, before the shaping begins – threading, trimming and tweezing – then tinting and then maybe a little more tweezing. For me the results are beautiful sometimes the tint was too dark but they keep your information on file so once you get a colour that works they have the details. Treatments generally take one hour.

The location is great for me, they are based on the main street in Ranelagh village (I live in Ranelagh) and they have a very beautiful salon there, I love the space. The staff are really friendly and the booking process now is online – you visit a link, register an account and book in your appointment – easy peasy.

Brow and tint cost €45 for senior stylist or €35 for a junior artist, it is definitely expensive but I think worth it, for more information or to book visit their facebook page and booking is on:


One of my before and afters of a brow shape and tint – ignore the all over the place lashes!


Skin Tags

So what are skin tags? They are little, soft growths that can often look like skin colour pimples. They are generally completely harmless but can often just be unsightly depending on where they are.

I had a few under my arm – they never really bothered me too much but when I noticed that Rouge salon in Ranelagh got rid of them I thought I would try it before my holidays.

I was so unsure of whether this would be a complex or painful procedure but it was so unbelievably quick, simple and cheap that I would really recommend that anyone should do it if they have a skin tag that bothers them.

The therapist will look at the area or areas and very quickly and almost painlessly zap them off. They use an Apiderme probe. Afterwards you have a little scratch where the skin tag had been attached and this heals in a few days, they say it might scab but mine didn’t.

The cost for a 15 minute treatment (that could cover a lot of tags) is €35, which I think is good value too.

More information here:

No! No! – Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

So you see those infomercials and the products always look great, and there’s loads of real people recommending it and there’s always a 60 day money back guarantee etc. etc. etc. Those ads always tempt me but usually I don’t really need a wonder mop or the amazing kitchen gadget they’re selling. However one product came along that really caught mine and my mums interest.

We both have really dark hair – which unfortunately extends to every part of our body. So while some people that have soft blond baby hair on their lip or chin or arm or lower back etc. we have dark brown hair. It’s a real pain. So we are kept interested in the world of hair removal and watched the adverts on No!No! for months.

It seemed too good to be true…..and alas it was.

After holding back for quite a while, in a flurry of excitement we both bought one and began using them to pretty much no success. But we were optimistic that this would be our solution and we persevered for a while. It is difficult to use, hard to know when you’re finished and I was using it on my face and found the heat, smell of burning, aggressive buffing, and lack of results – firstly worrying and then upsetting.

Honestly we had no luck with it and I am very glad I didn’t mark my skin or damage it in any way because honestly I really don’t think those products are right.

Different things work for different people but honestly I don’t see this working for any one – do not buy it!

We ordered it online from at €249 each (what were we thinking!). We also didn’t figure out it wasn’t working until it was too late to send back. A very expensive lesson for us both.


The perfect red lip

red lip

This is the guide to achieving the perfect long lasting matt red lip.

If you’re not eating a meal this method should last all night (it has for me) and if you have dinner – it still holds up pretty well but you might want to do a little touch up after you have finished your food.

Note – towards the end of the night your lips may feel dry, they will look perfect, but if you don’t like that dry feeling, then this isn’t the guide for you. Or if you have dry/sore lips at the moment I would leave the colour for another time and go with a nice gloss!

  1. A little before you start your foundation apply a lip primer. This is just a moisturiser that will ensure you have a good base for applying make-up. I use MAC prep and prime. If you have any dryness it could be a guide idea to have a quick exfoliation and lash on some lip balm for a while.
  2. When you put your foundation on include your lips, just a very light brushing will do.
  3. After that has had a chance to settle choose your lip liner, I’m using MAC Cherry. Draw the outline of your lips and fill in completely. I would stick to your natural lip line.
  4. Choose your red lippy, I’m going with MAC Russian Red for a classic look. Slowly apply over your lips. Using a lip brush is supposed to work best but I usually don’t bother – so it’s up to you.
  5. Blot lips once with a single ply of tissue and with the tissue over your lips gently brush on some translucent powder. I use an old rimmel powder I should probably throw away.
  6. Repeat steps 4. & 5.
  7. That’s it – you should be good to go all night just check your teeth before you leave.

(This post is in no way sponsored by MAC – I just think their lip products are the bomb!)


Model in a Bottle

I came across this product at a hen party, the Powder Room were there doing make up and were finishing each look with a spritz of this. I had never even heard of it before and they were really recommending it as a bit of a beauty trade secret.

Basically it is a setting spray that helps set your make up and keep it on. They also discussed the mattiying effect it has on your look (I personally don’t notice this but maybe that’s just me and my excessively oily -read sweaty- face).

I tend to use this for big nights out when I really want my make up to stay flawless for the whole night, and it really does work. Sometimes in my drunken state I feel sad taking off my make up because it’s still on so perfectly (or maybe I’m just drunk). On those occasions I tend to use primer also – so part of this effect is down to the primer, but I use primer without the spray on other days and the spray certainly makes a difference.

I don’t like closing my eyes and spraying what seems like such an unnatural product on my face, it feels wrong after taking great care to use mineral make up and good skincare, however it’s for special occasions!

I really don’t know if anywhere that stocks this but I got it on


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Benefit ‘They’re real’ eyeliner

I adore the Benefit ‘They’re real’ mascara and it has been my number one for some time now – it’s fab. So when I heard they were bringing out an eyeliner I was excited, I even tried to get someone to get it for me in the States before it launched here but it turns out it was launching everyone at the same time, which pleased me!

I’ve used all kinds of eyeliners pencil, gel, liquid – in different formats pencils, markers, with brushes, wands, pots of colour – and while getting a good flick is always a challenge I generally consider that I know what I’m doing.

I was surprised that the ‘They’re real’ eyeliner disappointed me so much. It’s a gel/paste that is pumped up through a pen when. The nib is plastic/silicone with a gap in the centre for the product to come through – it looks like it will make it easier to use but for me it didn’t.

When I use it on my hand it’s smooth, dark, steady colour but it just doesn’t go on this way on my eye – maybe the surface is less even or maybe I’m not pushing as hard but either way I won’t be getting it again.

I bought it in House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre at the Benefit counter for €25.

theyre real

Christmas Gift Guide


It’s almost Christmas!

This is definitely the time of year when I am planning my Christmas shopping list and trying to think about what to get for my nearest and dearest!

I have been doing some window shopping and online ‘research’ and I thought I would share, I hope it helps with your Christmas shopping.

Christmas Gift Ideas:

Dandelion necklace: A sweet necklace with a glass ball with real dandelion inside, would be great for a tween or teenager. Available from:


Shaving kit: This old style shaving kit is really lovely and I think would be great for a dad or uncle, although the full set is a little pricier than I initially thought…but it does look quality. Available from:

ie shaving kit

Success bracelet: I think this collection of jewellery is fab, and I love my bracelet. A great gift to yourself or a woman you admire! Available from:


Lip balm: The most beautifully designed lip balm out there, this would be really nice for a girlfriend. Available from:
EOS 3Organiser and pens: I absolutely love everything from – if you haven’t yet visit! They do ship to Ireland but it is a bit pricey so I was happy to find them stocked in Ireland on Hippenings. This pretty diary and pens are the perfect gift for a girl who likes to get organised. Available from:

Colouring book and pencils: I think this is a lovely gift for someone who likes to be a bit childlike or creative, I know the whole adult colouring book thing is a bit of a fad, but I’m glad it came back. Available from Easons stores or from (they do free delivery).

Lush Advent Calendar: I adore everything from Lush, I can’t believe they have an advent calendar this year. Check it out – this would be the perfect gift for me – or anyone who likes funky bath stuff. Available in Lush stores.lush-advent-calendar

Scratch Off Map of the World: This is a really nice gift for anyone who likes travelling, also one I would like myself! Available from:


If you have any ideas – leave them in the comment section – I am always looking for more inspiration!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This product is like a really good toner, it’s really good at taking off make up and it feels really refreshing on your skin – like water only better! It has no perfume and is ok to use around your eyes.

For me this is perfect to use when I’m feeling lazy. If you just can’t be bothered to take your make off, this can be a good option – dab some on cotton wool and sweep around your face and don’t wake up with a pillow of foundation and smushed eye make-up.

I got mine for €4.19 (400ml) from Boots, it’s generally €6.29 but I find you can generally always get it on offer somewhere.

This is something everyone should have in their beauty cabinet. For years this was a make up artist’s secret product, now lots of brands are starting to bring out their own versions.

miscellar water


Urban Decay Smoky Eye

Ok so I am way behind on this one and while I awaited the release of the new NAKED smoky eye palette with baited breadth I just couldn’t really afford it when it was out so I just got it last month. I ordered online from – €46 with free delivery!

I suppose it’s worth saying that I like the naked palettes for some superficial reasons – I like the easy to clean hard-case packaging (definitely not the Naked 1 packaging but 2,3 and Smoky have good packaging), I like the shape of the palette – it fits well in my make-up box, unlike some other palettes I have that I struggle to store! I really like the brushes – generally they are much better than a lot of the other ‘token’ brushes you get with a palette…….

So even before we get to the colours there is a lot about these palettes that I like already.

The colour selection is good and you can do a range of smoky eyes from browns, to greys to blacks – I generally like to do a fairly monochromatic approach using different shades of the same colour and largely this is possible with this palette. Another good one – but I kind of hope Urban Decay stop making palettes I have too much eye shadow.

This was done using a base of black kohl eyeliner, topped with dagger and black market from the Smoky palette, covered with some MAC glitter pigment and highlighted with high and thirteen from the palette.

Success collection silver bracelet


So I feel like this is a bit off topic but I felt I had to share. I had my eye on a bracelet from Melissa Curry’s Success collection for quite a while as a gift to myself.

I recently made the purchase and am not only in love with my new, delicate bracelet but also the way it was packaged and delivered. I think there is such a lovely philosophy and ethos around the collection – it makes for a beautiful gift to someone. ‘The Success collection – a gentle reminder to girls and women that they can succeed in all of their endeavors.’

And, it’s great to support an Irish designer and businesswoman – so an all-round winner.

The sterling silver bracelet is €65 available from