Seche Vite – my home mani lifesaver


This top coat has changed my life!!!

I don’t get my nails done often so I have become good at doing my own nails. I don’t mean I slap on some polish – I use a base coat and a top coat, cuticle work, and file – the works!

My biggest problem was – I would do all the hard work then I simply couldn’t wait long enough from them to dry – I would always always ruin them.

I would use OPI rapid dry spray and cuticle oil, would leave my hands in water (which I read somewhere helped them dry) but they would always end up pressed or marked and it would bug the hell out of me.

Well no more now that I have found Seche Vite. I have raved to everyone I know about this product since I got it (available in nail salons, Boots also have it for €13.99). You put it on wet polish, it goes on quite globby and it is a much more generous application than I would usually apply – then a few minutes later your nails are dry – really dry. Not dry to touch but you can still ruin them with activity – really dry.

seche vite

For me this has totally solved my manicure problems.

I have told everyone and now I tell you.

However two friends have reported back that they are not as much in love as I – one said it shrunk the polish slightly on her nail so the colour receded from the tip, the other said that it made her polish slide off.

So I don’t know if it’s the application technique or reaction with certain polishes but it seems this won’t work for everyone but my recommendation is – TRY IT, it’s changed my nail game!


My home manicure with a boots base coat, one coat of Sally Hanson Kook a Mango and a Seche Vite top coat.



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