‘Botox in a Bottle’ Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Sachets

If you like infomercials – and who doesn’t! – you may have seen this video circulate around facebook. A woman is applying Instantly Ageless to one eye while the other has nothing on it. Before our very eyes we see the product working – shrinking the bags under one of her eyes. It’s amazing – is it fake is it special effects? It just looks like a regular, very low tech home-made video. (check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Cvsg2T_Y4)

I came across the video on my friends facebook page, she has Canadian friends and came across it on theirs. She got in touch with Jeunesse and is now selling the product in Ireland. It seems to be like Avon – stores don’t stock the product, people sign up to be sellers and sell amongst their peers.

As an intrepid explorer through the world of skincare I immediately had to try it, and try it I did. Now firstly I must say that though I am as concerned with ageing as the next woman, I really don’t have many wrinkles or eye bags to speak off. (thankfully, and not yet I hear you say!) So I am probably not the most in need of this product. But I bought 5 sachets at €2 a pop and tried it. Each sachet should do both eyes for one or maybe two applications.

You put some product on your finger and dab it/pat it underneath your eyes. Then you let it dry and that is when your feel it working. You can feel your skin tingle and tighten and pull. It really does actually work. It’s very temporary, like an invisible bandage or finger holding your skin up, when the product is gone so is the effect. It doesn’t appear to nourish your skin, just alter its appearance – so it’s a quick immediate fixer rather than a treatment cream.

For me wearing the product wasn’t hugely comfortable, you know it’s there, you can feel it. But if wrinkles around the eye are a problem for you, definitely try it. You also need to be careful applying make-up over it as you don’t want to remove the product and excessive rubbing or an oil based product would do that.

I gave some to my mum and she is obsessed and has made multiple orders. I think given the price point maybe it’s better for special occasions only!

The product doesn’t seem to be widely available as of yet, it’s definitely on http://www.amazon.com for anyone that wants to give it a try.

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Sachets


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