So it’s what drag queens everywhere and Kim K have been doing for years but now everyone is talking about baking your make up.

Baking basically means giving your make up – foundation and concealer time to sit or ‘bake’ on your face under a layer of translucent powder. After 5-10 minutes of baking time, as the heat of your skin emulsifies and sets your make up, you brush off the excess translucent powder leaving a very flawless under eye look.

For directions on how to bake – check out this video from the amazing Heidi Hamoud (, who explains it much better than I could:

So before trying this, I didn’t use much concealer, generally mainly just covered spots. This approach was a new departure for me and what I will say is that it is a very flawless and ‘made up’ look if you follow all the steps. It is definitely not for everyone, and definitely not for every day in my opinion.

For a big night out, maybe, but day to day or in summer I’m not such a fan of this – and not just because of the time factor.

So will you be baking it this winter?



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