Bio Oil

So this is a product I have used on and off for years and I always liked it but only recently am I starting to use it as directed, which is twice a day every day.

Now I certainly thought that sounded excessive and unachievable but I have started doing in morning and night while in bed and it’s really turning out not to be the hassle I thought it would be.

But much more than that I am really noticing a difference in my skin. For me this is the hardest thing as I often really find it hard to be an objective judge of any progress but I think this is a real difference. I am really feeling happier and more comfortable in my own skin – which is big.

I’m a month into this new regime and will definitely be keeping it up.

I just got a 200ml on €25.99 – 2 for the price of 1 – and free delivery to my nearest Boots, and I’m well chuffed with that. But if anyone spots it cheaper let me know.

(I absolutely promise I don’t work promoting, but MAN I love

Bio Oil

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