Urban Decay Smoky Eye

Ok so I am way behind on this one and while I awaited the release of the new NAKED smoky eye palette with baited breadth I just couldn’t really afford it when it was out so I just got it last month. I ordered online from http://www.debenhams.ie – €46 with free delivery!

I suppose it’s worth saying that I like the naked palettes for some superficial reasons – I like the easy to clean hard-case packaging (definitely not the Naked 1 packaging but 2,3 and Smoky have good packaging), I like the shape of the palette – it fits well in my make-up box, unlike some other palettes I have that I struggle to store! I really like the brushes – generally they are much better than a lot of the other ‘token’ brushes you get with a palette…….

So even before we get to the colours there is a lot about these palettes that I like already.

The colour selection is good and you can do a range of smoky eyes from browns, to greys to blacks – I generally like to do a fairly monochromatic approach using different shades of the same colour and largely this is possible with this palette. Another good one – but I kind of hope Urban Decay stop making palettes I have too much eye shadow.

This was done using a base of black kohl eyeliner, topped with dagger and black market from the Smoky palette, covered with some MAC glitter pigment and highlighted with high and thirteen from the palette.

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