Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This product is like a really good toner, it’s really good at taking off make up and it feels really refreshing on your skin – like water only better! It has no perfume and is ok to use around your eyes.

For me this is perfect to use when I’m feeling lazy. If you just can’t be bothered to take your make off, this can be a good option – dab some on cotton wool and sweep around your face and don’t wake up with a pillow of foundation and smushed eye make-up.

I got mine for €4.19 (400ml) from Boots, it’s generally €6.29 but I find you can generally always get it on offer somewhere.

This is something everyone should have in their beauty cabinet. For years this was a make up artist’s secret product, now lots of brands are starting to bring out their own versions.

miscellar water


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