Benefit ‘They’re real’ eyeliner

I adore the Benefit ‘They’re real’ mascara and it has been my number one for some time now – it’s fab. So when I heard they were bringing out an eyeliner I was excited, I even tried to get someone to get it for me in the States before it launched here but it turns out it was launching everyone at the same time, which pleased me!

I’ve used all kinds of eyeliners pencil, gel, liquid – in different formats pencils, markers, with brushes, wands, pots of colour – and while getting a good flick is always a challenge I generally consider that I know what I’m doing.

I was surprised that the ‘They’re real’ eyeliner disappointed me so much. It’s a gel/paste that is pumped up through a pen when. The nib is plastic/silicone with a gap in the centre for the product to come through – it looks like it will make it easier to use but for me it didn’t.

When I use it on my hand it’s smooth, dark, steady colour but it just doesn’t go on this way on my eye – maybe the surface is less even or maybe I’m not pushing as hard but either way I won’t be getting it again.

I bought it in House of Fraser, Dundrum Town Centre at the Benefit counter for €25.

theyre real

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