Christmas Gift Guide


It’s almost Christmas!

This is definitely the time of year when I am planning my Christmas shopping list and trying to think about what to get for my nearest and dearest!

I have been doing some window shopping and online ‘research’ and I thought I would share, I hope it helps with your Christmas shopping.

Christmas Gift Ideas:

Dandelion necklace: A sweet necklace with a glass ball with real dandelion inside, would be great for a tween or teenager. Available from:


Shaving kit: This old style shaving kit is really lovely and I think would be great for a dad or uncle, although the full set is a little pricier than I initially thought…but it does look quality. Available from:

ie shaving kit

Success bracelet: I think this collection of jewellery is fab, and I love my bracelet. A great gift to yourself or a woman you admire! Available from:


Lip balm: The most beautifully designed lip balm out there, this would be really nice for a girlfriend. Available from:
EOS 3Organiser and pens: I absolutely love everything from – if you haven’t yet visit! They do ship to Ireland but it is a bit pricey so I was happy to find them stocked in Ireland on Hippenings. This pretty diary and pens are the perfect gift for a girl who likes to get organised. Available from:

Colouring book and pencils: I think this is a lovely gift for someone who likes to be a bit childlike or creative, I know the whole adult colouring book thing is a bit of a fad, but I’m glad it came back. Available from Easons stores or from (they do free delivery).

Lush Advent Calendar: I adore everything from Lush, I can’t believe they have an advent calendar this year. Check it out – this would be the perfect gift for me – or anyone who likes funky bath stuff. Available in Lush stores.lush-advent-calendar

Scratch Off Map of the World: This is a really nice gift for anyone who likes travelling, also one I would like myself! Available from:


If you have any ideas – leave them in the comment section – I am always looking for more inspiration!

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