Model in a Bottle

I came across this product at a hen party, the Powder Room were there doing make up and were finishing each look with a spritz of this. I had never even heard of it before and they were really recommending it as a bit of a beauty trade secret.

Basically it is a setting spray that helps set your make up and keep it on. They also discussed the mattiying effect it has on your look (I personally don’t notice this but maybe that’s just me and my excessively oily -read sweaty- face).

I tend to use this for big nights out when I really want my make up to stay flawless for the whole night, and it really does work. Sometimes in my drunken state I feel sad taking off my make up because it’s still on so perfectly (or maybe I’m just drunk). On those occasions I tend to use primer also – so part of this effect is down to the primer, but I use primer without the spray on other days and the spray certainly makes a difference.

I don’t like closing my eyes and spraying what seems like such an unnatural product on my face, it feels wrong after taking great care to use mineral make up and good skincare, however it’s for special occasions!

I really don’t know if anywhere that stocks this but I got it on


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