The perfect red lip

red lip

This is the guide to achieving the perfect long lasting matt red lip.

If you’re not eating a meal this method should last all night (it has for me) and if you have dinner – it still holds up pretty well but you might want to do a little touch up after you have finished your food.

Note – towards the end of the night your lips may feel dry, they will look perfect, but if you don’t like that dry feeling, then this isn’t the guide for you. Or if you have dry/sore lips at the moment I would leave the colour for another time and go with a nice gloss!

  1. A little before you start your foundation apply a lip primer. This is just a moisturiser that will ensure you have a good base for applying make-up. I use MAC prep and prime. If you have any dryness it could be a guide idea to have a quick exfoliation and lash on some lip balm for a while.
  2. When you put your foundation on include your lips, just a very light brushing will do.
  3. After that has had a chance to settle choose your lip liner, I’m using MAC Cherry. Draw the outline of your lips and fill in completely. I would stick to your natural lip line.
  4. Choose your red lippy, I’m going with MAC Russian Red for a classic look. Slowly apply over your lips. Using a lip brush is supposed to work best but I usually don’t bother – so it’s up to you.
  5. Blot lips once with a single ply of tissue and with the tissue over your lips gently brush on some translucent powder. I use an old rimmel powder I should probably throw away.
  6. Repeat steps 4. & 5.
  7. That’s it – you should be good to go all night just check your teeth before you leave.

(This post is in no way sponsored by MAC – I just think their lip products are the bomb!)


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