No! No! – Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

So you see those infomercials and the products always look great, and there’s loads of real people recommending it and there’s always a 60 day money back guarantee etc. etc. etc. Those ads always tempt me but usually I don’t really need a wonder mop or the amazing kitchen gadget they’re selling. However one product came along that really caught mine and my mums interest.

We both have really dark hair – which unfortunately extends to every part of our body. So while some people that have soft blond baby hair on their lip or chin or arm or lower back etc. we have dark brown hair. It’s a real pain. So we are kept interested in the world of hair removal and watched the adverts on No!No! for months.

It seemed too good to be true…..and alas it was.

After holding back for quite a while, in a flurry of excitement we both bought one and began using them to pretty much no success. But we were optimistic that this would be our solution and we persevered for a while. It is difficult to use, hard to know when you’re finished and I was using it on my face and found the heat, smell of burning, aggressive buffing, and lack of results – firstly worrying and then upsetting.

Honestly we had no luck with it and I am very glad I didn’t mark my skin or damage it in any way because honestly I really don’t think those products are right.

Different things work for different people but honestly I don’t see this working for any one – do not buy it!

We ordered it online from at €249 each (what were we thinking!). We also didn’t figure out it wasn’t working until it was too late to send back. A very expensive lesson for us both.


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