Skin Tags

So what are skin tags? They are little, soft growths that can often look like skin colour pimples. They are generally completely harmless but can often just be unsightly depending on where they are.

I had a few under my arm – they never really bothered me too much but when I noticed that Rouge salon in Ranelagh got rid of them I thought I would try it before my holidays.

I was so unsure of whether this would be a complex or painful procedure but it was so unbelievably quick, simple and cheap that I would really recommend that anyone should do it if they have a skin tag that bothers them.

The therapist will look at the area or areas and very quickly and almost painlessly zap them off. They use an Apiderme probe. Afterwards you have a little scratch where the skin tag had been attached and this heals in a few days, they say it might scab but mine didn’t.

The cost for a 15 minute treatment (that could cover a lot of tags) is €35, which I think is good value too.

More information here:

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