The Brow Artist

[Ok I’ve been going to The Brow Artist for over two years now and up until they updated their booking system recently this review would have been a long rant on how annoying and frustrating it was to make a booking with them. ‘If it annoyed you so much, then why did you keep going there?’ – I hear you ask, well, the answer is that they generally do a great job. Now that I have got that off my chest – onto my review!]

The Brow Artist was set up by sisters Lorna and Liz who while working as make up artists were often reshaping peoples brows as part of the process and it grew from there. From the start they seemed to take a different approach to brows – talking to people first, like a hair consultation when getting a cut, rather than just going for it. There was a lot of buzz when they first opened and I waited three months for my first appointment.

So was it worth it? Yes it was, and if you haven’t gone there before I would recommend a visit even once – just to see the difference in the experience and in your brows.

I generally like places that are specialised to just waxing or brows or make up – it makes me feel like they know what they’re doing because they are doing it all day and not just once a week. While they are now expanding to other services, they are very much brow experts and in addition to the usual shape and tint – offer permanent prows as well with tattooing.

When you go in they will do a short consultation, before the shaping begins – threading, trimming and tweezing – then tinting and then maybe a little more tweezing. For me the results are beautiful sometimes the tint was too dark but they keep your information on file so once you get a colour that works they have the details. Treatments generally take one hour.

The location is great for me, they are based on the main street in Ranelagh village (I live in Ranelagh) and they have a very beautiful salon there, I love the space. The staff are really friendly and the booking process now is online – you visit a link, register an account and book in your appointment – easy peasy.

Brow and tint cost €45 for senior stylist or €35 for a junior artist, it is definitely expensive but I think worth it, for more information or to book visit their facebook page and booking is on:


One of my before and afters of a brow shape and tint – ignore the all over the place lashes!


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