Dealing with Winter skin

So whether you have dry skin usually or not – this time of year is definitely one that can really play havoc with your skin. Generally my skin is combination oily, and while I do get breakouts, by and large, I don’t have to do too much with my skin. If my skincare routine slips a little I don’t suffer too much. However during this weather I really have to make sure that I make an effort to avoid dry, flaky patches or hard, sore cuticles.

These are some things that I think are essential for winter:

  • Moisturising face mask
    For me a weekly moisturising face mask during winter is essential. There are lots out there and certainly lots of good ones but my favourite at the moment is Oatifix from Lush. It’s made from oats and banana and almonds and smells yummy. It feels really nourishing and is quite grainy in texture so gives a nice gentle exfoliation too when taking it off. It comes in a fairly small tub but a little really does go a long way as it’s very rich, so I think it’s well worth it – it also needs to be refrigerated. See more information on


  • Hair mask
    It’s always my goal to try and do a weekly hair mask all year round but especially when I’ll be styling my hair a lot. I have quite long hair so the ends can be really dry and often I’ll whack in a load of conditioner to sit for a while before I was my hair. I’m sure there are loads of amazing conditioners out there and great treatments from Kerastase but I find it quite tough to spend too much on conditioners. So while I try and invest in a nice hair oil because they last a long time, for a mask I just want something slightly cheaper. Penny’s sell these Hask hair masks with Macadamia oil for €2 and I find them really good. I will put them in and wrap my hair up for as long as I can leave it before washing out. If I’m feeling conscientious I will wrap my hair in cling film and cover with a warm towel – to try and generate heat and encourage the mask to really penetrate the hair follicles.


  • Cuticle moisturiser
    I can be really prone to getting a couple of sore cuticles during winter – so I really try to make sure to moisturise as this is generally something I don’t do all year round. I have some nail oils that I use when I am doing a manicure etc. but for something more nourishing I really like Lemony flutter from Lush. It feels like butter and smells lemony and lovely. It really soothes any sore cuticles and lasts for ages. It can also be used on hard skin on your knees, elbows, heels and it’s really good for your nails brittle nails. I highly recommend it, it costs €10 and is available from Lush sores. Check it out on

lemony f

  • Lip balm
    Without keeping them really moisturised my lips can actually get really dry and sore, so all year round I always have lip balm to hand. On a day to day basis at the moment I am using EOS balms – really pretty little eggs and they are strewn about my house, so there is always one close to hand. But if I need something a little bit more intensive I like to use the old classic – Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream. have it online for €33 for 50ml but it lasts forever and it’s just good to have around.


  • Hand cream
    My absolute favourite hand cream of all time is the l’Occitane Shea butter one. I love the smell of it and it just makes my skin feel really good. It costs €10.50 for a 30ml and is available from l’Occitane stores or online,103,1,47808,440036.htm. I also picked up Golden Handshake, a hot hand mask, in Lush the other day that I am looking forward to trying out and will update when I do.


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