Bare Minerals ‘BareSkin’

Moving from regular foundation to mineral – was a BIG adjustment. It’s harder work, you need to build the coverage and spend the time doing your make up. Primer also is key – where as before it was just optional for me.

Before I would use clinque or MAC liquid foundations and battle through problematic skin which would rear its ugly head far too frequently! I went to see a skin consultant and they recommend some cleansing products to me and also told me I should use mineral make up.

So I made the move. This was before ‘BareSkin’ had come out and using the powders was a big change. SO when ‘BareSkin’ came out, Bare Minerals first liquid foundation I was really excited. For me liquid foundation is just easier and faster to apply, especially on the move, so I made an immediate beeline to Bare Minerals in Debenhams on Henry St and got them to pick a colour for me.

I bought the foundation and the brush they recommend with it and I love it. It works better if you moisturise or prime beforehand, let your skin dry, then shake the bottle and squeeze three drops into the brush reservoir (the brush has a little bowl in the centre to put the foundation in) and you work the product onto your face with the brush. That much would usually do a cheek and maybe chin, add a couple more drops for the other side and two more drops for your forehead and nose and you’re done. A little really does go a long way.

Like with the powder the coverage isn’t heavy, you need to build it and for blemishes you definitely need concealer but I think it’s a really radiant and lovely look. I finish with the mineral veil – concealer and eye brightening if I have time or need to – and onto bronzer and blusher. I don’t think it lasts quite as long as the powder but I do have oily combination skin and often use the liquid when I’m in a rush so I possibly don’t do all the steps I do with powder (prime/veil etc.) but I think it’s a winner.

I do recommend buying the brush. I have two other foundation brushes (duo fibre buffing one from MAC and also a flat one) and neither would have been suitable.

Sometimes I will still use powder instead but it’s great to have the option and now when I use a regular foundation I find it so thick and masking I’m really not used to it at all anymore.

For anyone who wants to try this it really will take an adjustment period, I feel like no one likes it at first as its much lighter than most foundations and if your skin is dry it won’t go on well. So you really need to take care of your skin to wear this.

I got it in Debenhams and it was €31 and the brush is €28. You can also order Bare Minerals online from and


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