Products to get you in the Christmas spirit


I love the build up to Christmas – the lights, the decorations, the anticipation of the good times ahead, not to mention presents, the food, drinks – the list goes on…

Naturally I love decorating my house and everything that comes with it and part of my Christmas routine definitely extends to beauty products.

For me Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without some nice new Christmas products, here’s my top five to get you in the Christmas spirit or to make a great gift!

  1. Lush soap
    I love Lush all year round but at Christmas it’s great as they have a special range of Christmas products to make you smell like Christmas. It’s now part of my Christmas ritual going into town, checking out the Christmas range of things and buying a Christmas soap. This year I was not disappointed. They had a host of soaps from sweet to citrus to musky that included Snow flake, Baked Alaska, Reindeer rock, Old Father Time and Egg yog. I picked Reindeer rock and now will be smelling Christmas every time I wash my hands. You have to but a minimum of 100grms and they will cut you a slice of your choosing – I think mine was about €6.


  1. Shower gel:
    Lush also do some great Christmassy shower gels, usually I get Snow Fairy it’s pink and sparkly and smells like candy – enough said! But this year I decided to get something different and got Badedas shower gel. Badedas comes in a dark green bottle and smells of a forest, it’s always reminded me of Christmas trees! It’s definitely quite a unique smell so not one for everyone but I really like it and got it for €3.29 for 200ml on


  1. Liz Earle cleanse and polish – limited edition:
    I use Liz Earle cleanse and polish intermittently as part of my skincare routine and often at Christmas they bring out a limited edition variation on the original. This year it’s Sweet Orange and Mint – which sounds lovely. I have tried some of the limited editions in the past and have really liked them – so I ordered this from the other day for €13.25 for 50ml with free delivery. I can’t wait to try it.

    liz earle cleane and polish orange and mint

  2. MAC red lipstick:
    Ok so I don’t really need to buy a new red lipstick, but one thing I love about winter is an excuse to start wearing my red and berry lipsticks a bit more. If you haven’t a good red I would recommend Ruby Woo for a classic red or Rebel for a dark berry pink to get you in the festive spirit! €20 from MAC in Brown Thomas or online


  1. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir:
    Jo Malone is one of the most beautiful stores for fragrance ever – perfume, candles, creams it’s all gorgeous. It’s also exceedingly expensive so anything I get here is a major treat and very few and far between. But one of their perfumes is so unique and special that I think it’s worth trying and it’s also very wintery and reminds me of the Christmas season – Pomegranate Noir. Nothing makes me happier than putting on a scarf and smelling it. A small 30ml bottle is €52 (the bigger bottle is better value if you have the cash!) from Jo Malone in Brown Thomas or online

jo malone

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