Inside the make-up bag ….with Gillian Doyle

[Kind of like ‘Through the key hole’ only with make up bags.]


Because we love nothing more than to have a nosy around another girls make-up bag and see all their stuff. Today we go inside the make-up bag with Gillian Doyle.

Gill has worked as a make up artist for over 10 years working both as a freelance artist and for large cosmetics companies she has done make for television, ad campaigns and worked with artists including Christine Lucignano. She has worked for companies like Nars, Benefit and Lancôme – currently she works for Bobbi Brown in Brown Thomas. Gill’s personal make up style is all about enhancing natural beauty and when she’s not doing make up she enjoys being outside in nature and doing yoga.

Today Gill is opening up her make-up bag and telling us about her five favourite things.

Gill: I think make up should make you look like yourself but just that bit better! So any way to make your skin glow and even out skin tone would be my tips for the perfect make up.

  1. Sheer Glow Foundation, Nars, €40
    Gill: This foundation is really great from light to full coverage, day to night, it gives skin an amazing glow and is really hydrating to wear so it’s especially good for normal to dry skin. My skin can get a little dry sometimes so it’s good for me. It’s also photographs really well – all Nars make up does – so it’s good for selfies (cringe!). I started wearing this about four years ago when I first discovered it and it just makes you look luminous. I like to use my fingertips to put it on and I really think that’s the best way, the heat of your fingertips will really help blend it onto your face – so not pricey brushes needed. I always prime first and powder after, if your skin is very dry I would use powder. I like to use a pressed powder from nars or porcelain pearl brightening setting powder by Bobbi Brown. I generally just wear fairly light coverage and it lasts me about 6-9 months so while it isn’t cheap you get your value out of it.
  2. Liquid finish radiant creamy concealer, Nars, €24.50
    Gill: This is an amazing concealer! It works everywhere, that’s the beauty of it, under eyes to cover blemishes – for a sheer finish or full coverage, and it has a luminosity that works beautifully with the sheer glow foundation. To apply I use the wand to put product on the back of your hand and use the heat of your fingertips to apply to your face, though you can certainly use a concealer brush if you prefer. The best thing about this concealer is that it doesn’t sit into lines. The key thing is to choose the right colour, match everything with your true skin tone – if you have any blue or purple around your eyes you need to choose a shade with a pink undertone to counteract that or if you have yellow tones you need a shade with a yellow undertone . It’s not just light to dark there are tones also – talk to the person at the counter and they can help you chose the right one.
  3. Pot Rouge, Bobbi Brown, €26.50
    Gill: This is for lip and cheek – love multipurpose. This is good for normal to dry or dehydrated skin as it’s creamy. It’s really quick and easy to use, I really like fresh melon, it’s got a peachy undertone. I would use lip balm then pat on some colour with my finger tips, on cheeks I have some pink undertone so the peachiness really counteracts that. I dot on colour to the apple of my cheek and then blend toward hairline with my fingertips. It gives a really dewy, fresh and youthful glow and it comes in loads of shades.
  4. ‘They’re real’ Mascara, Benefit, €25
    Gill: Without a doubt an amazing mascara – it volumizes, lengthens, and thickens. To apply I would coat the top just once, then wiggle the wand under the lashes to get into the base and comb through – wiggling for thickness. I don’t go over and do a second coat generally – if you do layer do it while the mascara is still wet so it doesn’t clump and I generally just do a very light brush on the lower lashes just for a hint of definition. Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out, dries it out and crates air pockets. Finally I would change my mascara every 3-6 months just to prevent any eye infections or anything like that. To remove it I use Lancôme bifacial, the best eye make up remover ever!
  5. Perfectly defined long wear brow pencil, Bobbi Brown, €39
    Gill: I have this pencil in blond – of all the brow products I’ve used this is the best. I would always say match the shade to your eyebrow hair and don’t go any darker – if you want to build your brow do it with volume rather than colour. The pencil has an angled almost crayon on one end and then a brush on the other. This gives length and fullness and fills in any gaps. You fill in colour and lightly brush through to soften for a natural, defined brow. The great thing is it’s a powdered formula so it gives a really soft finish – so no scary scouse brow!

Gill: for me personally make up is all about bringing out your natural beauty but whatever your make up style whether natural or more dramatic these products are really flexible – you can go for a deeper colour or build coverage – so I think they are great daily staples to suit a lot of people!



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