CACI facial


What I knew about CACI facials was that they were big with certain Hollywood A-listers, and that the likes of JLo gets them regularly – so needless to say I was interested.

They sounded quite different from a regular facial, using a machine massaging your face rather than focusing on products. It described itself as like going to the gym for your face.

Here’s a description “Considered the most advanced electrical facelift system of its time, CACI utilises a computer aided cosmetology instrument to lift, firm and tone skin. It also encourages the production of collagen and elastin.”

I saw a deal come up on groupon for a half price CACI healing booster facial at the Pink Beauty Emporium on level 6 in Dundrum and I booked it. The usual price is €95 for 1 hour.

I had never been there before and I usually feel that anything you get on groupon is never as nice, that it’s always in a place that’s not that well-kept or the service is shoddy or the products cheap. However I was really delighted with the Pink Beauty Emporium – it’s a lovely setting and the staff and experience really made it feel like going to a spa for a lovely treat.

I found the treatment really relaxing lying back wrapped up on a comfy bed while the therapist did her thing. During the treatment it feels like vibrating tongs are pressed and massaged around your face in different patterns and at different frequencies. At times it’s a strange feeling but it’s never painful or even uncomfortable – just odd.

It’s hard to say if I could see a major difference with the facial or not. I definitely felt a difference immediately (like my facial muscles had worked out) and I felt firmer. Generally these work best in courses – getting a series of six or eight, so I expected that they would try and sell me a course. However she said that at this stage/age that I don’t quite need CACI yet and that I would benefit more from a traditional facial. It was nice to know that they also aren’t trying to simply sell treatments when it’s not the best treatment for you.

I would really recommend the place, and I would certainly think a course of CACI is worth trying to fight the signs of aging depending on your skin, I’ll definitely be planning to try them again in the future. See more details here:




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