Review of ‘The Tan’ gradual daily tan

The Tan was launched in Ireland earlier this year, created by friends and owners of the Vanity Rooms Beauty Emporium, Jennifer Butler and Jennifer O’Brien.

They have a range of products, including spray tan for salons, a gel tan and the one I chose the Gradual Daily Bronzer (€16.99) which is suitable for both your face and body. Their products are really kind to your skin and contain hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil – so all really moisturising.

According to The Tan is said to be perfect for:

  • Building your tan to achieve the colour you are looking for by layering applications.
  • Using instead of a daily moisturiser.
  • Prolonging your professional spray tan.
  • Using on holiday to moisturize skin after sunbathing
  • Extending & Enhancing your natural suntan

Sounds good!

I thought The Tan was very runny in consistency so you need to be careful when applying.

It sinks into skin nicely and really does feel more like a moisturiser than a tan, which is nice and it seems like they did what they set out to with this.

It smells really good, and a lot better than most tan, and the black and pink packaging is really pretty. The results are fairly subtle and you need two applications to build a nice natural glow.

All in all it’s one of the nicest gradual tanners I’ve used recently and I will definitely but it again! You can buy it online, visit or from a number of pharmacies and salons nationwide.


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