YUMI Lashes at Elysian


So over the years I’ve done a lot with my lashes – from extensions, to stick on strips, to stick on individuals to tinting and curling, and at this stage I’ve probably used gallons of mascara.

The tricky thing is that while falsies or extensions look great – they can be irritating and restrictive to wear. So I was really excited when I heard about YUMI lashes which seemed to be a bit of a best of both worlds scenario.

In a YUMI lash treatment they chemically curl your lashes and tint them – making them look longer and more noticeable. So nothing stuck on – just making the best of your own natural lashes. I was really excited.

The process is a little uncomfortable but Karen in Elysian who looked after me did a really good job of explaining what she was doing and making me feel relaxed. They clip your lashes into a small foam curler and apply three solutions – two of which stay on for about 10 minutes and one stays on for twenty or so. You lie back and wait. In total it takes about an hour.

It is always a strange feeling having someone doing something so close to your eyes but it’s a chance to have a little rest too! They put a lavender scented eye mask over your eyes while you wait which is a small but really nice touch. Afterwards the lashes are darker and it’s the curl that really makes a massive difference.

The result is in no means in line with the impact lash extensions have but they’re really nice. You can wear make-up but as always you need to be careful not to rub too much as you can shorten the life of the results which last for 4-6 weeks but can be affected by rubbing, chlorine etc.

You do need a patch test in advance and the treatment includes a tint of your lower lashes but they can only do that the following day – not the same day.

The cost for the treatment is €80 and this includes a conditioning serum for your lashes, that is essential I am told, and they advise you to use it every day. I got them done before my hols and I was really happy with it.

For more information visit http://www.elysianbrows.ie/products/yumi-lashes/

(Unfortunately my before and after pic was deleted – so instead see this picture of Beyoncé crying…)




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