I spent most of my teenage years in fear that my face would go red, that I would blush at the wrong time, and I was always buying green tinged face creams that promised to neutralise a red complexion (which I didn’t even really have).

I really don’t know now why this was such a concern but now I adore a splash of red or pink or peach on my cheek, the brighter the colour the better.

To me blusher seems an underused product, something most people avoid or use a bronzer instead, and I think that’s a shame. Now I know it’s a scary world out there and that it can be very easy to overdo things on the blusher front (I have very definitely over done it on occasion). But I say bring back blusher!

I have heard of different techniques to apply blusher, the one I use is to smile and gently brush the colour on the apple of my cheeks blending out into my hairline. For me the key thing is not to have too much product on your brush. Swirl your brush on the product and tap it off by hitting the brush handle on the back of your hand – it seems counter intuitive I know to shake off something you just put it in but trust me it’s for the best, you can always add more colour.

In terms of choosing a shade my policy is that everyone can embrace any colour – it’s about finding the shade the suits you. Make up should be fun and I think people worry too much about what they can and can’t wear so I say pick something that looks good to you and go for it.

Here’s some of my favourite powder blushes:

  • NARS Orgasm
    One of the easiest blushers for anyone to wear and a real cult product, Orgasm is a very sweet pinky peachy colour with a gold shimmer through it – lovely anytime.
  • Bobbi Brown Apricot
    This looks like a very matt bright pure pink – but I also think it’s very easy to wear – very girly and sweet.
  • NARS Boys Don’t Cry from the Pierre Hardy collection
    A gorgeous vibrant peach colour, this is definitely more noticeable but that’s why I like it!
    pierre hardy
  • NARS Exhibit A
    The most shocking looking matt red you have ever seen with a lovely subtle gold glitter in it, and it’s fabulous on – but subtle application is key. I’ve learned the hard way with this one.
    xhibit a

I use two blusher brushes and I do really think the correct shape brush makes application much easier. I use a MAC blusher brush or the Nars Kabuki blush. If you don’t have one and you think powder blush will be your bag I would invest in a good brush, it will make life easier.

I hope this encourages more people to blush!

(Apologies for the NARS heavy nature of this post, they make some damn good blushers.)

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