Buying Essential Oils


*First of all it is important to say that while I have done several aromatherapy courses I am not a qualified aroma therapist, secondly it is also really important to say that you need to be very careful when using essential oils – they can be very powerful and if used incorrectly they can be harmful.*

Delving into the world of aromatherapy can be really fun and enjoyable, it can also be tricky especially if it’s a new area to you. This post is about how to buy quality essential oils.

There are a world of products out there that will have information about essential oils plastered all over them, so you may find it hard to understand what you are looking for.

Many products contain essential oils, what I am talking about here is a pure essential oil in its most concentrated form. Most essential oils should not be used directly on your skin and always need to be diluted with an appropriate base – but more about using essential oils to follow in an upcoming post.

Oils, like lots of commodities, have fairly standard pricing. A bottle of pure essential rose oil or tea tree oil will be similar across different brands. You won’t get a bottle of rose oil extremely cheaply – if you do see it chances are it’s not what it says on the tin.

It is however perfectly normal to see different types of oils – for example Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. These are quite different from each other, they have different properties and have different prices.

Some tips on buying a good quality essential oil:

  • All essential oils will be sold in dark brown glass bottles (the dark bottle protects the contents from sun damage)
  • Quality essential oils will have the latin name on the label as well as the English name
  • Some good brands to check out are Obus ( and Atlantic aromatics ( and available from good health stores.
  • Oils should always be stored with their lids on, away from sunlight and once opened they have a shelf life of 2-3 years

Happy shopping!





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