Five ways to wear glitter this Christmas

FullSizeaRenderChristmas make up for me is mainly about one thing, sparkle so that means glitter.

I love glitter all year round but Christmas is the time when it’s more appropriate…(?) to wear it. So here are my top five ways to sparkle this festive season.

1. Nails

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to introduce some glitter into your look if you don’t want to take it too far. Whether it’s a glitter top coat, accent nail, a swoop of glitter on the tips or a polish with some iridescence – this will be an easy way to sparkle.

There are glitter nail polishes everywhere – and on this I’m not very brand loyal. I have a no. 7 gold one at home and I like to layer it up either alone or over colour it looks great.

2. Lips


Glitter lips are everywhere right now and I really love this look. My first

step was buying a nice red glitter and a new glitter glue eye primer. I applied my lipstick and lip liner as normal, let it sit for a while, applied glitter glue, then pressed on the red glitter. I think it looks great – though I’m not sure the photo really captures the sparkle.

Definitely best worn when you’re not eating (or kissing, or doing anything with your mouth…). Drinking from a straw is also advised for longer wear, though the glitter stays put much better than I thought it would.

3. Eyes

Lots of eye shadows have really nice sparkle in them so again this is really easy to wear. I have a MAC glitter pigment that goes amazingly over any colour, so whatever your eye make up look you can add a splash of glitter. Again glitter glue is great here for keeping things in place.

4. Body

Ok so there was a time I would literally douse myself in body glitter and go out. I definitely don’t think that’s such a good look anymore. But I think there are some lovely products that can make you glow and sparkle in an ever so subtle and sophisticated way. My favourite at the moment is MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter, I think it looks great on the collar bone and chest.

5. Eyebrows

Not a look for the fainted hearted, the glitter brow is only for the bold. IMG_6675

I have seen this done and looking amazing – but I’ve got to say though that my attempt didn’t look so good. I used a NARS brow gel and swept it through the brows before pressing on a gold glitter with a brush. It didn’t have quite the impact I hoped, next time I will build the colour first and then add the glitter.



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