Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic rollers

I toyed around with the idea of getting heated rollers for years, YEARS! But I held off because let’s just say I have a history of buying hair products that end up residing in a box in my room gathering dust. My curling wand, bendy rollers, sleep in rollers, finger curl clips and metal rollers – had all met this fate, some of which had NEVER been used (the shame!). The only hair products I don’t regret buying and truly get a lot of use out of are my ghd and my hair dryer.

But time and time again the answer to ‘how did you did you hair?’ was – heated rollers. So on recommendation of a friend I got the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic rollers (for €40 from

The set includes 20 rollers (8 large, 6 medium and 6 small), 10 clips, 20 metal pins. There are two 2 heat settings (I really have no idea who would use setting one but I have always had quite a mane so naturally I set any product to max power!).

They are very easy to use. You switch on to your selected heat setting and wait for the ‘Heat ready indicator dot’ on one of the rollers to turn from red to white and then you are good to go. You take the roller by the ends and wrap your hair around it using a clip or pin to keep it in place. I generally leave them in as long as possible and then carefully undo them. (Sometimes this is where things go slightly awry as my hair does get a bit tangled.)

My main aim is for body/volume, with a slight curl being a lower priority. Each time I use them I have slightly different results – maybe I’m always doing it slightly differently and for me whether my hair is just washed or a day old makes a difference. But generally I am always really pleased with the results.

There will be body, my hair feels lightly and there is movement, and varying degrees of curl. But I’m always pleased. I’m not great at doing my own hair and it is exceptionally long, so I think if I can use them – anyone can.

So my verdict on heated rollers is a big thumbs up! I have no experience of other brands but I think €40 is a good deal for these ones. Happy heated roller-ing!





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