Tom Forde Shade and Illuminate contouring palette

tom forde s+iI’m sure contouring has been around longer than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, but let’s face it Kim K is almost as well known for her famous mid-contouring selfies as she is for her big booty.

I had been contouring in a fairly subtle way for years using a cold tone bronzer and highlighters like Benefits’ Moonbeam and Nars Copacabana (though I would never have called it contouring), but inspired by Kim K I wanted to go further so I decided to invest in the ‘it’ contouring product – Tom Forde Shade and Illuminate.

I mulled over this purchase for quite a while as I do think it’s an exceptionally expensive brand – so it was hard to part with the cash. I got it in Brown Thomas for €67.

The palette is a cream duo – one dark shading cream and one light for illuminating as needed.

I usually did my shading with powders so using a cream was new to me. The product is really easy to use once you get used to it and if I do say so myself – looks great. I use the real techniques setting brush to apply and it works well. While I haven’t gone quite as far as Kim K but I like the results and would recommend it to those who love doing make up.

I don’t use the illuminrt brushating side of the palette much as I have lots of other highlighters that I prefer, but the dark side is great, though I am noticing more contouring products coming on the market now so there may well be a dupe to rival this one in the near future! I have seen great and reasonable powders but not other creams like this yet.




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