Where to get the best spray tan

Tanning is a tricky business – to get the right shade, avoid streaks and blotches and the dreaded tan hand, dodgy knees, patchy feet and stained elbows.

I go through phases when I largely abandon at home tanning and accept my paler skin.

However for a special occasion a spray tan is a must for me, but even getting a professional job is fraught with prep work, and I always try and follow these rules:

  • Exfoliate, body brush and moisturise a few days leading up to the spray
  • No deodorant or moisturiser on the day of the spray tan
  • Loose clothing – no bra/socks post tan

I guess it doesn’t sound like that much effort but it just feels like it is.

So you have your prep done, now where to go – see two of my tried and tested favourites below:

Carter Beauty Blackrock

What I like:

  • they open late, you can get appointments until 9pm, you can usually get parking very nearby in the evening so you can dash in and out and hopefully avoid seeing anyone
  • they do a lot of spray tans here – so you’re in and out and they know what they are doing
  • really good brown colour
  • it’s cheap, you really can’t argue with €15 a pop
  • develops fast, you can shower 1 – 4 hours later


What I like:

  • if you’re on the green luas there is one in Sandyford and South William so you’ve got options, lots of parking in Sandyford. I generally go to South William and have to face walking around through town back to the luas – not ideal but not too bad
  • good colour, golden undertones
  • easy to get an appointment and again they do a lot of tanning so the set up is good
  • develops fast, you can shower 1 – 4 hours later
  • it’s a good price, €25 a go and you can very often get deals (around Christmas I got 4 tans for €50 which was amazing value)

My own tip is to get the latest tan time as possible so you can just go home, watch TV and go to bed soon after avoiding any activity or sweating that might ruin your tan. Even though you can shower after 4 hours I still prefer leaving it overnight when I can.

Happy tanning!






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