The prettiest restaurant in Dublin

Fallon and Byrne
For those that haven’t been, the People’s Park in Dun Laoire is really lovely. It’s Victorian in style, built in the late 1800’s, it’s beautifully maintained with blooming flower beds, pretty fountains, a bandstand, and wrought iron gates and railings – it’s by the sea and altogether very picturesque.

Beautiful old fashioned tea rooms stand at the top of the park – which for years were in disuse. Fallon and Byrne recently took over and beautifully updated the tea rooms, keeping their charm yet making some changes that perfectly blend the old and new.

Great restaurant, great setting – I had to go.

I finally went the other night. They had a three course set menu on for Christmas at €34. The staff are really friendly and attentive. The food is lovely – though I actually didn’t enjoy my main course, there was nothing wrong with it but I just wasn’t loving it so I put it aside annoyed at myself for ordering the wrong thing. The manager noticed and was very kind offering me something else and insisting they wouldn’t charge me for it. I had no intention of complaining it was really my mistake but they were so lovely about it. I thought it was excellent customer service. My starter and main were gorgeous and the bread (my weakness) was divine.

I definitely recommend it. Visit for more information.

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