Review of Aviary Lane

So I have had the same hair colour and style FOREVER, and I rarely even get my hair cut as almost every trip to the hairdresser ends in disappointment and sometimes even tears. Looking back at old photographs I would see so many different versions of my friends, different years different hair, and I am always the same!

So recently I decided to get balayage and go as far blonde as I could keeping dark brown at the roots and blending down the hair from dark to blond. The plan was after I achieved this, was that I would then go pink and then maybe purple – before finally returning back to dark brown and getting a big cut to get the coloured ends chopped off! I was really planning to go all the way.

So I booked into Aviary Lane after reading some good reviews online. It’s a really pretty salon on South Anne’s Street, off Grafton Street in the city centre. The décor throughout the salon is really interesting and funky and the staff are really nice.

You are offered tea, coffee, wine etc. on arrival and I ordered a green tea which came out in a pretty teapot (one that I had wanted to buy ages ago but felt it was too expensive) on a tray with a little biscuit. The water also comes out in very funky little jars and jugs.

So onto the colour. At this stage I have been twice, well actually three times with Michael, who is really nice. The first time the colour went well but wasn’t as light as I hoped. It was really well blended though and there was no big ugly line of colour across my head but I wanted blond.

I went back about two months later to go lighter and the result was great – except for some….green tinges. The horror. Amidst the blond that came out really well there was some definite greeny grey streaks. Possibly a reaction to the henna conditioning treatments that I regularly used and had no effect on my dark hair. A toner later hadn’t really helped so I was asked to pay 80% and come back in during the week.

This was pretty much my first time since I was a teenager getting colour and god it’s such a nightmare – why is hair colour this complicated. So I went back in during the week and things went much better the toner pretty much almost got rid of the green (I’m just trying to pretend it’s completely gone but it’s definitely not) while keeping the blond and I also got a bit of a cut and conditioning treatment thrown in.

I’m mostly happy with it but if my hair isn’t curled the greenish parts really jump out at me. I’m quite unsure now of what to do next.

Anyway I think Aviary Lane is really nice and the staff are good – the complication with colour I think could happen anywhere so I would recommend trying it out.


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