Review of Make up class with make up artist Emma Farrell, from Emma Farrell Creative Studios


I had passed by Emma Farrell Creative Studios (EFCS) before (as it’s near work) and thought it was a really pretty salon and definitely looked like it was worth a visit. My friend and I booked in for a make up class with the owner Emma. Emma is quite well known, she does a lot of TV work and has even done make up for some fancy celebs like Eva Longoria. I was really excited about meeting her and seeing what she would be like.

So we arrived for our appointment with our make up and a bottle of wine – because it was such a sunny day and we were overly excited to be finishing work early, and we just got paid!

We unpacked our make up while one of the girls in the studio got us glasses and poured us a drink and Emma asked if we had anything specific we wanted to work on. Emma definitely doesn’t take any messing – which we discovered quickly after telling her we wanted to work on baking and contouring like Kim Kardashian. She told us no – that kind of make up was way over the top. A lot of beauty trends are completely ridiculous in real life but it was a refreshing surprise to meet someone with a specific point of view on their aesthetic – and not being shy about telling you.

The great thing about a class like this is actually learning to use your own stuff properly. She went through our make up and gave us some advice on products and she was appalled at the state of our brushes and told us that we should clean them a LOT more frequently.


So we settled in beginning work on our eyes first – practicing a cut crease, Emma doing one half of the face us doing the other. From there we did our base foundation, concealer, contouring, blush, highlighter and lips. Each time watching Emma do some first and then us taking over. Along the way picking up advice on which brush to use, which product is best for what etc.

Obviously the studio is jam packed with make up and brushes and if there was anything we needed it was there but for me the best part was learning how to use my own things better. Emma has really impressive knowledge and is full of tips of tricks. She is lovely but definitely also strict, which is great, when I was letting someone else stick on my false eyelashes (which I hate putting on) she was quick to remind me that I needed to learn myself, and when I moved to pass my friend one of my brushes for her to use Emma reacted as though I was suggesting we share a needle – ‘we don’t share brushes girls’!

All in all it was a really fun afternoon and I learned lots. I would really recommend EFCS – I definitely think it’s really worthwhile to do a class and certainly it would be a great place to get your make up done. It’s in Ringsend which I think is quite a handy location as it’s fairly central and close to town but really easy to get parking outside – unlike town. For more information visit

Emma Farrell Creative Studio, 24a South Lotts Rd, Ringsend, Dublin 4


Me, practising my cut crease, post class!




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