Fighting the January blues


Feeling the Monday fear? The back to work blues? The consequences of an over indulgent December and the prospect of a lean January ahead? You are not alone!

Here are some tips that might help improve your day:

  • Smell:
    Scent really can improve your mood and make you feel less anxious, more positive, and calmer. If you have an oil burner add some lavender or bergamot or jasmine for a boost in your mood. In lieu of that your favourite perfume, a scented candle or handcream might help do the trick.
  • Get organised:
    There is nothing worse than dreading the morning routine and spending your evening thinking – I must get ready for work. So get your work gear together as soon as you get home. Set you alarm and do what you can to make your evening more enjoyable and forget about work. A quick tidy of your house will make you feel happier and more at ease – a quick 30 minute blitz for an evening of peace!
  • Incentivise yourself:
    Getting back into a proper routine after Christmas is hard, so make life a little easier and do some kind for yourself as an incentive. Whether it’s burning your favourite candle, putting on a box set or snuggling up with a nice hot chocolate – do something nice for yourself that you will enjoy.
  • Laugh:
    We all know that laughing makes us feel happier and it’s even proven to positively alter our body at a chemical level. So seek out a You Tube video that you will enjoy, watch a comedy show you like or call someone who makes you laugh!
  • Fake it till you make it:
    Smiling and acting happy can in turn actually make you feel happier. So even though it might seem silly there’s good evidence that just smiling and looking like you’re happy will make you feel sunnier. So smile!
  • Meditate:
    Life can be so busy and technology can mean that we are constantly over stimulated looking at several screens for most of the day. Taking some time to zone out and be quiet is important – even just ten minutes of quite solitude can help recharge your batteries and boost your mood.
  • Do a good deed:
    Doing something nice for someone can really make you feel happier. Whether you volunteer for a local cause, give up your seat on the bus, or hold the door for someone – see if you can do a good deed for someone today.
  • Exercise:
    Even though you might not be in the mood – getting out for a brisk walk (or any exercise) will make you feel happier.



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