#1 Spring clean your make up brushes!


January is a great time to do a clear out and spring clean, and a good place to start can be your make up brushes (I know I leave mine WAY too long).

Make up brushes can get really dirty with old product, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria building up. They can become be a breeding ground for dirt and if you’re prone to break outs (like I am) keeping your brushes clean can make a big difference.

You need warm water, clean cloth, towel and a brush cleansers. There are lots of brush cleanser on the market but baby shampoo works as well and is cheaper and easier to buy.

  1. Dip the bristles in luke warm water (don’t dipthe handle in, this could cause the bond to loosen and could damage your brush)
  1. Pour a little baby shampoo onto a clean cloth and swirl the brush in circles on the cloth working in the shampoo and building up a lather
  1. When the brush is clean rinse  with luke warm water – making sure that all traces of the shampoo is gone
  1. Squeeze the brush bristles until excess water is gone and lay the brush flat on a clean towel to dry overnight

Happy cleaning!

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