Review of Mink Ballsbridge

9629Mink 1.jpg

For me a trip to Mink is total indulgence. I absolutely love Mink and think few places match them in terms of excellent consistent service and luxury. This does of course come with a pretty hefty price tag that I certainly can’t afford very often. So I tend to go a few times a year for a treat picking the most luxurious treatment!

For me going there is more about the experience, don’t get me wrong they give great nail – but if all I need is some expert nail attention chances are I will go somewhere cheaper – like Tropical Popical which gives great results too but cheaper (and cooler).  But for a treat – it’s Mink.

On Christmas Eve I went for a White Chocolate & Cranberry Pedicure, a 75 minute treatment at €85 – a big treat! As always it was a great experience.

Firstly you are sat in a lovely cosy pedicure chair – a big cream lazy boy – you are given magazines and offered tea/coffee/water. To start with they soak your feet in a lovely bubble bath, then they do all the boring work – filing, cuticles, hard skin etc. Then comes an exfoliation with anti-oxidant rich white chocolate and pure organic argan oil. Then comes the hot paraffin wax, feet are dipped into a hot white chocolate paraffin wax, for me this is always so funny to see your wax feet. You sit for a while with your feet in wax wrapped in a hot big sock – it’s a lovely treatment and it’s so weird to see them how easily the wax comes off – like a big wax sock. After that you get a foot and leg massage – my favourite part and then sadly it was over!

My feet felt super soft afterwards and looked great. If you have major hardness – it’s defo not a medi pedi – but for everyday feet it’s perfect.

During the treatment someone popped over with fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, which are included in this treatment and I had almost forgotten about. There were five giant strawberries and they were gorgeous. You can get them as an extra for any treatment and it really made me feel like I was having an extra special treat!

For polish I got a pink OPI and this new rose gold glitter Essie polish over it and they look really pretty. (I was so relaxed during the pedi – I can’t remember the name of the colours and didn’t note it down) The polish is still perfect today! Mink have a really nice polish selection and always have the new ranges too.

Finally they put your flip flops on instructing you VERY sternly not to move!!

So all in all, a really lovely treatment in a lovely salon – I would completely recommend it for a treat.

They have two locations fairly close to each other, one in Ballsbridge the other in Donnybrook. They are both lovely but I think Ballsbridge is easier for parking.

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