#2 Spring clean your make up!


So continuing with the January cleaning vibe – if you’ve cleaned your make up brushes (check out how to clean your make up brushes) and you want to take it to the next step you can actually clean your make up too.

Bottles, bags and even compacts and lipsticks can be cleaned and it’s such a nice feeling once you’ve done it.

My make up can get really grubby over time and I know a lot of germs can build up – especially if you like to share make up with your friends, which I do!

Often a make up bag can look like it’s been through some horrible ordeal so every so often I try to do a big clear out, clean and disinfect my products and swap to a clean make up bag.

To do this you will need: warm water, vodka (pure alcohol can be bought from a chemist but vodka works as well and is something that I usually have in the house!), a small spray bottle, a shot glass, cotton buds, tissues and a clean cloth.

  1. Compacts and pressed powders
    With a dry tissue wipe off any surface direct with a dry tissue or if there are any stubborn parts a clean cotton bud and then you can spray with vodka to disinfect it and kill any germs and let it dry.
  1. Lipstick
    (This is something I probably share the most with friends on nights out.) To clean you turn your lipstick up slightly, wipe off the top layer with a tissue and then dip into a shot glass of vodka for 20 seconds, dab it lightly with a clean tissue and set it down to dry.
  1. Pencils
    For most pencils the best way to keep them fresh and clean is to sharpen them. If you are using the pencils that you don’t sharpen but retract you can wipe them with a dry tissue dip into your vodka, pat off any excess and set down and allow to fully dry.
  1. Mascara
    Mascara wands can get really clumpy with dried product building up on the wand. It’s a good idea to clean it every so often. I know it is also recommended that you replace your mascara every month or 3 months – whether your do this or not I think it is good clean your wand regularly. Pull the wand between clean tissue wiggling it up and down to remove as much product as possible, soak it in warm/hot water to try and dislodge any old product, work the bristles and when you have what you feel is a clean brush dip it in vodka, dab dry with a dry cloth and leave to dry.
  1. Eyelash curlers
    I tend to clean my eyelash curlers every time I use them because they get so dirty. I use a cotton bud and take off any mascara or eye make up stuck to them. Every so often if is a good idea to wipe them with some alcohol and replace the pads every few months.

Happy cleaning!


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