Inside the make-up bag ….with Yolanda Zaw

[Kind of like ‘Through the key hole’ only with make up bags.]


Because we love nothing more than to have a nosy around another girls make-up bag and poke through all their stuff!

Today we go inside the make-up bag with Yolanda Zaw.

Yolanda is the health and lifestyle editor for and I’m sure hanging around Evoke HQ she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the make up and style stakes!

Today Yolanda is opening up her make-up bag and telling us about her five favourite things.

Yolanda: As a journalist, I do get a lot of make-up sent in and being a typical girl, I love it all! The problem is, I don’t really know what to do with most of it and I tend to just store it all away and go back to my well-worn favourites.

The beauty bag that I have in my handbag is strategically small. I used to have a bigger one which I would overpack. I ended up lugging kilos of make-up everywhere with me. I downsized and now I only carry the essentials.

My beauty routine for everyday is pretty simple. I don’t like to wear too much make-up during the day unless I have an event or function. If I am going straight from office to bar, I slip a shimmer eyeshadow and a red lippy into my bag and just update my daytime look before I head out.

My top 5 favourites at the minute are:

  1. Lancome Hypnose Mascara (€28 in Boots)
    This has to be my all time favourite beauty product. My mother actually used it before me, I’m a little embarrassed to admit. She’s a big Lancome fan and I used to steal this mascara out of her handbag when I was a poor university student.
    Now I stock up on it duty-free every time I’m at the airport. Even on days when I’m going make-up free, I still like to apply a coat or two of mascara to just lift my look a little.
    Despite the fact that I adore this product, I have cheated on it with other mascaras but these affairs have been brief and always end badly!
  1. NARS blush twin – Orgasm & Laguna (€39 in Brown Thomas)
    I really like NARS products and this is my go-to blush. Orgasm has a really nice subtle shimmer and is great for the apples of my cheeks while the Laguna is more a deep bronze for contouring and shading.
    I didn’t really wear bronzer before I found this product but this combination really works for me and I often get compliments when I have it on.
  1. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (Not available in Ireland but with some work you can get it delivered)
    This is an iconic Australian product. If you see this poking out of a girl’s handbag, chances are, she’s Aussie. When I moved to Dublin from Perth, Western Australia (2 years ago)I brought over a dozen of these tubes. I have introduced all my friends here to them and everyone loves it.
    The all-natural ointment is actually for all sorts of things including burns, cuts, rashes but everyone I know uses it for one thing and one thing only: chapped lips!
    It tend to get really dry and cracked lips in winter and this is the remedy. I apply before I go to bed and in the morning my lips are soft and smooth.
  1. L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit (€15.29 in Boots)
    This is a recent discovery of mine. I was browsing in my local Boots when I spotted this. My eyebrows can be a little unruly at times and I’ve been looking for something to tame them and fill them in without the dramatic line you get when you use a pencil.
    The genius kit comes with a wax to smooth out and shape and a power to fill in and enhance. It also comes with a tiny angled brush perfect for brows and a mini-tweezer. The kit is ideal for the handbag.
  1. Revlon Photoready BB Cream (€14.99 in Boots)
    I used to wear a foundation each day, probably out of habit really. In my teens and early twenties I was prone to breakouts and I used foundation as a cover up. Nowadays, while I still get the occasional pimple, I don’t usually get all out acne anymore. When I eventually realised this about myself, I switched to a BB cream.
    I really like this one by Revlon because it matches my skin tone perfectly, has SPF and offers just the right amount of coverage without the heavy feel of foundation. I feel like my skin can breathe now.



Inglot Make Up Demo


I was at a great make up demo with Maria Murphy, one of the Inglot PRO team, the other day.

Maria was really enthusiastic and excited about the make up and it was really infectious.

She also gave some great advice about winged eyeliner – her tip: you start from where your lower and upper lash line meet, maybe this is something that everyone else already knew and it’s such a small thing but already it’s helped me a lot as I tend to start somewhere above my lash line in a slightly different place each time.

Inglot is a brand that I haven’t used too much, so all in all – it was a good intro into Inglot and lots of great tips.

I am planning to go in for a proper make up lesson soon!

Inside the make-up bag ….with Andrea Horan

[Kind of like ‘Through the key hole’ only with make up bags.]


Because we love nothing more than to have a nosy around another girls make-up bag and poke through all their stuff!

Today we take a trip on the tropical side of life and go inside the make-up bag with Andrea Horan.

Andrea is the owner of Tropical Popical, Dublin’s most fabulous nail salon, and Tropical Hype, where she shows small businesses how to be their own guru of hype. Andrea is an all-round decadently stylish stun hun and provides some serious style inspo to us all (or me anyway).

Today Andrea is opening up her make-up bag (which was gold lamé as we anticipated – but leopard print would have been our second guess) and telling us about her five favourite things.

Andrea: It’s really funny that I ended up working in the beauty industry.  I’m not one of those people who swoons over new product launches or a new mascara with gorge packaging, probably because I worked in PR for so long and have become so cynical about how brands can sell the same product for 6 times the price if it has a cute box.  Bah beauty humbug!!  But cynicism aside (for now anyway) I love products that are easy to use and deliver on what they’re meant to do.  I’m definitely low maintenance when it comes to beauty products – I don’t even know how to put blusher on properly, let alone know how to contour!! I like people to look like who they are with a little enhancement rather than a whole new person when they have their face on.  My sister is obsessed with beauty products and she believes every claim she reads or hears in ads  about beauty products so she gets them, tries them out and then either tells me what I need or gets it for me.

My top 5 favourites at the minute are:

  1.  Chosunagh 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ($22 from Sephora, not available in Ireland – though I believe you can through a third party get delivery to the UK and then parcel motel it here)
    I’d love thicker, bushier eyebrows.  It wrecks my head though when you go to get your eyebrows done and it’s insisted that you have to shape them by taking more hair off the top, just cos that’s what’s the trend now.  NO.  So I don’t get my eyebrows done anymore and use this product to give them shape and an arch.  Because it’s formulated with henna, it sticks to all the random downy hairs (on the top!!) and makes your eyebrows look bigger and naturally bushier rather than drawn on.  I adore it. 
  2. Kiko Glitter eyeliner (€6.90 from, delivery to Ireland costs €5.90)
    Mad about Kiko in general.  Their price points are unreal without any compromise to the pigment or quality of the product.  I buy loads of lipsticks and nail polishes to use in Tropical Popical.  I love this eyeliner because  it’s easy to whack on as you don’t have to be too precise with it and you look like you’ve a twinkle in your eye all the time!
  3. Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (€21, Make Up Forever Clarendon Street)
    I love coloured eyeliners.  There was a stage when I was doing a green and a blue layered on top of each other.  This Diamond Turquise Blue Aqua Liner is amazing because the colour pops like nothing else, doesn’t fade and doesn’t budge.  All essentials for coloured liners.
  4. MAC Strobe cream (€10 for a 30ml or €33.50 for a 50ml, MAC in Brown Thomas)
    I love dewy, highlighted skin.  Who doesn’t sure?  And as I’m so crap at where to highlight and layering products etc , I just lash this under everything for what I think is a stunning complexion.
  5. MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick (€20, MAC in Brown Thomas)
    Because I don’t make much effort with make up for the most part but still like to look glam, I pop on a good red lipstick and feel like that makes up for my lack of contouring and eyeshadow etc.  I get my eyelashes done so a bit of CC cream, my brows on and a lick of this whopper red and I’m good to go.  Glam as you like.

My Jewellery #LustList right now

My friend pointed me in the direction of this delightful brand recently, the Bow and Button Factory. I already have my eye on a few things, this bracelet in particular.

bracelet 2

Have a look at all their gorgeous stuff at

Another jewellery brand I have discovered, that has just recently come to Ireland, is By Dziubeka. The designer and owner of the range, Anna Dziubek, is based in Poland and now her array of cute bracelets and statement necklaces are available in Ireland. This is one of the really pretty, and very reasonably priced bracelets they were kind enough to send me.

braceletTake a look at the full collection here.

As always I’m obsessed with all Melissa Curry’s stuff, and now there is a new Imagine bangle – I need it.

bangle 8

The best thing about all these brands is that they are all created by amazing women #girlpower


Inside the make-up bag ….with Laura Bermingham

[Kind of like ‘Through the key hole’ only with make up bags.]

All 5 products

Because we love nothing more than to have a nosy around another girls make-up bag and see all their stuff. Today we go inside the make-up bag with Laura Bermingham.

Laura is a well known beauty expert. She writes about all things beauty in the Irish Mail on Sunday and She is also no stranger to our screens and is a regular contributer on TV3 doing Ireland AM, Xpose and Midday. When she’s not doing all that or at a beauty event around the country, Laura is a busy mum.

Today Laura is opening up her make-up bag and telling us about her five favourite things.

Laura: Being a beauty journalist I see a lot of makeup. I could have a suitcase-sized makeup bag but I don’t, I keep staples for work that I can throw into my handbag, and for days off I wear very little, if anything just a touch of concealer.

I do have to examine everything, get to understand new technology and then test, to see do products live up to the hype. This is great though, because then my own beauty bag has products that deliver on what they’re supposed to do.

My top 5 favourites at the minute are:

  1. YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint, €42.
    The original of this foundation was a revelation, it give the skin radiance, good coverage but it lasted all day long without ever looking tired. A new version comes out this month, and while it still has all the radiance and long wearing abilities, it has more coverage. YSL have created a brush for applying the foundation, €42. A Y-shaped reservoir in the bristles takes a drop or two of the makeup, and with this you buff it into the skin.
    The foundation is superb though, and 22 shades are available. 
  2. Tom Ford Eye & Cheek Palette, limited edition, around €82.
    For the last few years Tom Ford has released these gorgeous eye and cheek palettes for Summer. This is 2015, the reason I love it is the versatility of the gold shade, wear it alone or pat on to another shade to give it a lift. The cheek shades are great on tanned skin, the peachy gold is a wonderful highlighter. The palettes are limited edition each year, it will be another 2-3 months before we see what’s in store for 2016. 
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, €65.
    Like everyone else in beauty, I have fallen for this range big style. Charlotte Tilbury is makeup over’s makeup. If you want professional products, but also easy on-the-run beauty, she has it all. There’s too much to highlight, the new foundation, the eye shadow sticks for different eye colours, the collections curated according to a specific look, it would be hard to not want at least a dozen things. This palette is fantastic too, the bronze is almost matte for sculpting but not flat, so you can use it for adding a sun kissed touch to skin. The highlighter has shimmer particles, but only enough to create a glow. 
  4. Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Sandwash Tulle, €22.50.
    Lipstick isn’t very important to me, as long as I have some sort of definition I’m happy. I do like the combination of lip liner and gloss, this Bobbi Brown shade is the perfect rose-brown so you can any gloss shade on top. If you don’t wear lipstick it’s an easy alternative. All you do is line the lips, and fill in with the liner. For the gloss pick a matching sheer shade to boost the colour, or go for a gloss with gold hints, it can make the effect look entirely different depending what you pop on top. 
  5. MAC Blot Film, €16.50
    Best on the market for removing shine but not your makeup, if you have oily skin or just a shine prone T-zone, you will love these. The great thing about long wear foundation is that it’s water and oil-resistant. So, makeup stays put but that oil still pops through. Rather than trying to mattify it with powder try one of these instead. There are 30 sheets per pack and each sheet will last at least a day. Try these once, you’ll never be without them again.

ZO Skin Health OFFECTS Exfoliating Cleanser


This cleanser is for Normal to Oily skin. It is oil free and tackles excess oil fights breakouts. It’s a clear gel face-wash with small beads that act as a face scrub while washing. You splash skin with water and massage in the wash, rinsing off thoroughly. I can’t place what the fragrance is but I think it smells really nice.

The active ingredients include salicylic acid and ammonium lactate which are great for chemically exfoliating skin, though they are present in small amounts – so it’s unclear if the concentration is high enough to really do this. It also includes vitamin E which is an important anti-oxidant for healthy skin.

So far I really like it, I’ve been using it about a week and my skin feels and looks better. I am planning to use it in conjunction with the TE-pads and look forward to seeing the results.

I got this in Dundrum Clinic in the Dundrum Town Centre for €33. They also see online from their website:

This product is also not tested on animals!





Micronail is a new tool for manicures – basically it is a motorised smoother and buffer for nails.

On clean nails you attach the smoothing head and turn on holding against your nail to smooth out ridges and even the surface of your nail, then you attach the buffer head and repeat the process to bring you nails to a high natural shine.

It’s quick and easy to use and afterwards your nails will look and feel really good – smooth and really shiny.

I think it does what it says and that for someone that doesn’t wear nail polish it’s a great product, but I personally never feel good without polished nails, even if my natural ones look great. And while I’m sure having smoother nails will only enhance your mani I do think this product is more beneficial for people that prefer not to wear nail polish as it will make your natural nails shine beautifully.

I only use it very occasionally and have used the buffer head over my polish to bring my top coat to a high shine. But this one is definitely not a necessity for me!

You can get it online for €29.95 plus €5.50 delivery, or buy it in pharmacists (saving on delivery!).