Micronail is a new tool for manicures – basically it is a motorised smoother and buffer for nails.

On clean nails you attach the smoothing head and turn on holding against your nail to smooth out ridges and even the surface of your nail, then you attach the buffer head and repeat the process to bring you nails to a high natural shine.

It’s quick and easy to use and afterwards your nails will look and feel really good – smooth and really shiny.

I think it does what it says and that for someone that doesn’t wear nail polish it’s a great product, but I personally never feel good without polished nails, even if my natural ones look great. And while I’m sure having smoother nails will only enhance your mani I do think this product is more beneficial for people that prefer not to wear nail polish as it will make your natural nails shine beautifully.

I only use it very occasionally and have used the buffer head over my polish to bring my top coat to a high shine. But this one is definitely not a necessity for me!

You can get it online http://www.micronail.ie/micro-nail for €29.95 plus €5.50 delivery, or buy it in pharmacists (saving on delivery!).


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