ZO Skin Health OFFECTS Exfoliating Cleanser


This cleanser is for Normal to Oily skin. It is oil free and tackles excess oil fights breakouts. It’s a clear gel face-wash with small beads that act as a face scrub while washing. You splash skin with water and massage in the wash, rinsing off thoroughly. I can’t place what the fragrance is but I think it smells really nice.

The active ingredients include salicylic acid and ammonium lactate which are great for chemically exfoliating skin, though they are present in small amounts – so it’s unclear if the concentration is high enough to really do this. It also includes vitamin E which is an important anti-oxidant for healthy skin.

So far I really like it, I’ve been using it about a week and my skin feels and looks better. I am planning to use it in conjunction with the TE-pads and look forward to seeing the results.

I got this in Dundrum Clinic in the Dundrum Town Centre for €33. They also see online from their website: http://www.dundrumclinic.com/

This product is also not tested on animals!



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