Inside the make-up bag ….with Andrea Horan

[Kind of like ‘Through the key hole’ only with make up bags.]


Because we love nothing more than to have a nosy around another girls make-up bag and poke through all their stuff!

Today we take a trip on the tropical side of life and go inside the make-up bag with Andrea Horan.

Andrea is the owner of Tropical Popical, Dublin’s most fabulous nail salon, and Tropical Hype, where she shows small businesses how to be their own guru of hype. Andrea is an all-round decadently stylish stun hun and provides some serious style inspo to us all (or me anyway).

Today Andrea is opening up her make-up bag (which was gold lamé as we anticipated – but leopard print would have been our second guess) and telling us about her five favourite things.

Andrea: It’s really funny that I ended up working in the beauty industry.  I’m not one of those people who swoons over new product launches or a new mascara with gorge packaging, probably because I worked in PR for so long and have become so cynical about how brands can sell the same product for 6 times the price if it has a cute box.  Bah beauty humbug!!  But cynicism aside (for now anyway) I love products that are easy to use and deliver on what they’re meant to do.  I’m definitely low maintenance when it comes to beauty products – I don’t even know how to put blusher on properly, let alone know how to contour!! I like people to look like who they are with a little enhancement rather than a whole new person when they have their face on.  My sister is obsessed with beauty products and she believes every claim she reads or hears in ads  about beauty products so she gets them, tries them out and then either tells me what I need or gets it for me.

My top 5 favourites at the minute are:

  1.  Chosunagh 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ($22 from Sephora, not available in Ireland – though I believe you can through a third party get delivery to the UK and then parcel motel it here)
    I’d love thicker, bushier eyebrows.  It wrecks my head though when you go to get your eyebrows done and it’s insisted that you have to shape them by taking more hair off the top, just cos that’s what’s the trend now.  NO.  So I don’t get my eyebrows done anymore and use this product to give them shape and an arch.  Because it’s formulated with henna, it sticks to all the random downy hairs (on the top!!) and makes your eyebrows look bigger and naturally bushier rather than drawn on.  I adore it. 
  2. Kiko Glitter eyeliner (€6.90 from, delivery to Ireland costs €5.90)
    Mad about Kiko in general.  Their price points are unreal without any compromise to the pigment or quality of the product.  I buy loads of lipsticks and nail polishes to use in Tropical Popical.  I love this eyeliner because  it’s easy to whack on as you don’t have to be too precise with it and you look like you’ve a twinkle in your eye all the time!
  3. Make Up Forever Aqua Liner (€21, Make Up Forever Clarendon Street)
    I love coloured eyeliners.  There was a stage when I was doing a green and a blue layered on top of each other.  This Diamond Turquise Blue Aqua Liner is amazing because the colour pops like nothing else, doesn’t fade and doesn’t budge.  All essentials for coloured liners.
  4. MAC Strobe cream (€10 for a 30ml or €33.50 for a 50ml, MAC in Brown Thomas)
    I love dewy, highlighted skin.  Who doesn’t sure?  And as I’m so crap at where to highlight and layering products etc , I just lash this under everything for what I think is a stunning complexion.
  5. MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick (€20, MAC in Brown Thomas)
    Because I don’t make much effort with make up for the most part but still like to look glam, I pop on a good red lipstick and feel like that makes up for my lack of contouring and eyeshadow etc.  I get my eyelashes done so a bit of CC cream, my brows on and a lick of this whopper red and I’m good to go.  Glam as you like.

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