A Midsommar’s weekend dream

Kieran Harnett

I am very excited about heading down to Body&Soul this weekend and can’t believe this is my first time going to what’s known as one of Ireland’s most beautiful festivals.

One area I’m particularly looking forward to visiting is the Absolut stage which has a fantastic line up of acts curated by DJ Arveene. But what I am most enraptured by is the dreamy Swedish Midsommar vibe that Absolut are bringing to the festival.

Midsommar is a big celebration in Sweden. Taking place on summer solstice, the weekend of the longest day of the year, Midsommar is the Swedish celebration of the summer season. Its origins lie in Sweden’s agricultural roots: it was a time to welcome the months of fertility ahead.

Midsommar has lots of magical traditions that really make me want to go to Sweden.

Before people wore flower crowns to Coachella, Woodstock or any festival, they were worn during Sweden’s Midsommar. Flower crowns have long been a symbol of rebirth and fertility, and wearing them is connected to the essence of the holiday. Gathering flowers to weave into crowns was considered a way to harness nature’s magic and ensure good health throughout the year.

Midsommer is associated with the idea of young women finding their husbands. On their way home from celebrating, girls are meant to pick seven different wild flowers and put them under their pillow before bed, allowing their husband to come to them in their dreams.

Hopefully I can find seven different wild flowers to pick this weekend…

Body & Soul 2017 will take place from Friday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 25th at Ballinlough Castle in County Westmeath.

Absolut preview of Midsommar at Body and Soul at Everleigh Garden.jpg


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