About The Blog

Beauty Hacker is a beauty and lifestyle blog. We mostly talk about products; make-up, skin care, nails and hair; but if we go to an amazing new bar or find the perfect gift we will write about that too.

We LOVE make up and beauty products and like to try new things and have fun with them. We might wear red lipstick with pink blusher but we don’t care, we’re just crazy like that!

We like to review all the products and places we try. We love to love things but when we just don’t we will tell you, and we won’t pull any punches.

So if you want to know where gives a good spray tan, how to paint the perfect red lip or what the deal is with baking (and not in the kitchen) you’re in the right place.

All content is original – unless it clearly links to another source – and may not be reproduced without permission.


All views and opinions expressed on our blog and social media channels are our own, based on our own personal subjective experiences.

Not everyone likes the same thing, has the same taste, or has the same experience with different products or services. One womans ruby woo is another girls heroine. So just because something worked for us, doesn’t mean it will work for you, and, in turn, if something doesn’t work for us, you may well love it.

We read and enjoy other beauty blogs, magazines, tweets and you tube videos. From time to time we will share content that we think is interesting from other sources but we will always make it clear that we are linking to content that is not our own.


Any review on Beauty Hacker will be based on our honest personal opinions of the product, service or experience we had.

We welcome products being sent to us for review. Receiving a product does not guarantee a review, and if we review something sent to us that we don’t like – we will say that! All our reviews are 100% honest whether we have shelled out our hard earned cash, or not. We will always disclose if we have received something for free or at a discounted cost.


Currently we don’t do sponsored posts, affiliate links or advertising of any kind.

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